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7 April 12:00 - 13:00

Common questions and misconceptions about freelancing

Welcome to this webinar hosted by Anna Leijon in collaboration with Developers bay & Techstars!

This is the third webinar hosted by Anna Leijon addressing the question “How can you become your own boss?”.

The last times, we spoke mostly about the differences on paper as well as the differences in possibilities, ideologies and mental state between being hired and being your own boss as a freelancer.

This time, we will address the common questions, misconceptions and myths about freelancing and self-employment. We get back to basics and go through what a freelancer and a self-employed person really is, and in particular, what the combination of the two means. In doing so, hoping to further tear down the thresholds which are currently hindering tech talents from breaking free and staying true to their true passion. 

In addition to this, we will touch upon the concept of the "academic gig revolution", which Anna believes is currently unfolding. 

Tune in, make sure to ask questions and find out for yourself if being your own boss is something for you!

Looking forward to seeing you at the webinar!

When: 7/4 2021  12-13pm
Where: Zoom (link will be sent when you have signed up for the event)

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Anna Leijon
Entrepreneur & freelancer

I lead new business initiatives in tech and I'm passionate about innovation. My background is that I am an engineer who is self-employed and freelancing as a product owner and project manager within system development. I write about tech and freelance and publish articles continuously. 

I am also a hobby developer in my free time and I am working with my own projects, for example . Check out my website for more:

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